With no support from the government It is a struggle to feed over 45 children and adults at the home each day.  We also provide meals for families within the community too which pushes our already stretched resources. In Uganda agriculture is the highest form of sustainability and for many it is the way we feed our families. For us providing meals to children and families in the community is a huge task so using our land is a must to keep costs down. 

The children enjoy farming and when they are old enough, they help in our land. As well as a source of food we use farming as a tool to teach the children the skills which will help them and there families to be self sufficient.

Currently we don’t own our own land so rent and grow food on a small scale, often we have to bring in extra labour as most of our children are too young or at school during farming season. 

To enable us to maintain the feeding of the children and families we need to acquire our own land. This will also allow us to fully set up the project to teach farming skills,  as well as raising funds for ‘Born Like Others’. If you can help us reach the goals of acquiring land or developing farming skills we would love to hear from you.

What you need to know about school in Uganda!

The system of education in Uganda has a structure of 7 years of primary education. Secondary education lasts for 6 years and is divided into 4 years of lower secondary and 2 years of upper secondary school. There is also 3 to 5 years of post-secondary education..

The Ugandan school year starts in February. The first term runs February to April, the second term from May to August, and the third term from September to December.

The three most important school years for a child in Uganda are:

Primary 7: All students must take leaving exams which will determine which secondary school they go to

Senior 4: O-Level year

Senior 6: A-Level year

Students who pass their secondary school A-levels may go on to university, where they can study for degrees, or to other institutions that award diplomas and certificates.